Translating Tools

Tools for collaborative translation

You could use the wiki here, just adding pages when a text becomes unwieldy. The Hunt uses that tactics.

Google Docs

Google Docs is good for some things. It may be a misfeature that you have to invite collaborators, but sometimes a few design decisions are best taken care of in a smaller group. You can use the Insert/Comment… facility, and background color (the highlight pen icon) to draw attention to words or sections you want to work further on.

MS Word (or openoffice etc.)

When collaborating on texts, particularly when using multiple reviewers, ms words' 'track changes' feature can be a real boon if all the collaborators know how to make use of it.

One of the best updated Danish/English dictionaries available. Unfortunately you have to pay to make more than a couple of lookups a day.

One of the most comprehensive monolingual English dictionaries online. Free to use.

Google's translating tool is actually not that bad. It might be helpful to make a rough translation using Google - and then correct that.

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