The Hunt part one

Part 1: Delayed

When the scenario begins, the hunt is in full swing and the frisky young brothers are racing over sticks and stones, for they have it … almost.

The forest is a green and brown mass that rushes past you while running through the lush underground. The scent of spring is in your nostrils, but you do not heed it, while adrenaline is pumping in your veins. Run! Run all you can, and you might catch it. Stop and it disappears again.

You have been after it for two days now. You almost had it early yesterday, but it was too fast and fit. You have to drain it of its forces. You must prove that you are true Hochlanders. Proud hunters, men of the forest. You need to make your father proud.

The pace is high now and the players must have a feeling that they are just two steps behind it. The Beast. The Killer. But relax just two minutes and they will lose it again. Tell them about the landscape that rushes past them, the trees, the brook which gains strength the further they go etc. It is now they start to fall behind. There may be several reasons. Get them to do a series of agility tests during their run. A failure can result in:

1. Unanticipated tree roots sticking out of the ground trap one brother and fells him to the ground.
2. In an unguarded moment, a foot is caught in a noose trap and one of the brothers ends up hanging upside down from a tree.
3. Convulsions in the poor tortured legs.

Let them play on it. Depending on who takes the fall they should react very differently. This should only be a slight relapse, but it is enough to give The Beast the edge it needs.

Our heroes should experience at least one delay, and preferably two, as they come to a branch. As they have fallen behind and The Beast is out of sight, they can not know with certainty which way it took flight.

The characters frustration should be allowed to come out in the open. The more they argue the better.


Flashback: farewell

It is a great day. Your father, Papa, shall, together with the other adults in the small village go to war. This scene should give the main characters a sense of cohesion. They stick together as a family and look after each other.

It rains. Heinrich is sad.

Tell them that they, the brothers, only kids, are still too young to be going to war, but their Papa isn’t. Heinrich is more than happy to join and leave on the spot, but Papa does not allow this. Now it's time for one last goodbye. They are all together outside their hut and Papa takes time for a last farewell.

The scene is an opportunity for the players to interact with their father as they remember him or how they want to remember him - the proud man, hunter, warrior and not the broken excuse of a man that came home years later.

Papa bids them farewell and gives each of his sons an emotional hug, and a small commentary. The players can leave it at that or they can start a conversation. The twins especially may be slightly unstoppable in their carefree energy.

To Heinrich: "You are my youngest and most fragile diamond. You must watch yourself, you promise me that? Keep away from the woods at night and only go out there during daytime in the company of your brothers. Zigmund will take care of you while I am away."

For Franz and Fritz: "Relax you two rascals. Take care of each other. Do as Zigmund says. He is now the man of the house. Do you understand? Come here you frisky rascals and give your dad a big old hug. And remember! Do not make trouble! If you end up doing a prank, make sure that it is done to Old Jürgen, that snob. He thinks he is better than us."

To Zigmund: "My oldest son, you must be a man now. I wish I didn’t have to put this responsibility on your shoulders, but it can not be otherwise. If only Mama had been here, but she is not. Your uncle Samuel will help all he can, but your brothers are now your responsibility, you know that? The twins can handle it. But Heinrich. You look out for him. Okay? He is fragile. Take care of him. I trust you. And to show you how much i trust you, I give you my old girl Gieseltraud, the first Longrifle I ever got. Take care of it and it will take care of you"

After a last goodbye, Papa departs.

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