The Hunt part four

Part 4: Marked

What are they going to do with The Beast? It is caught in an old trap in a hole in the ground, maybe injured, maybe dying, maybe furious.

Looking down into the 9 foot hole below you see a hairy dark figure hiding in the shadows. It looks big. Dangerous.

Heinrich can feel the Beast. Its energy is flowing over him. The anger. The dark Chaos that fills its veins calls to Heinrich like blood to a vampire. And Heinrich senses that The Beast can feel him too.

What happens now is pretty open. How this story ends depends much on how the game has evolved so far. Are the characters at each others throats? Then see if you can’t get them into even deeper waters. It doesn’t take more than a little push before you lose your balance and fall straight down to the Beast.

If Fritz or Franz or both take the plunge, It will not take many seconds before they look pure death straight in the eye. And the Beast will not hesitate for a moment.

If Heinrich falls, the situation is somewhat different. The Beast will not attack and Heinrich will feel no fear there. But the fall in itself can be dangerous.

It may also be that the brothers simply still are best friends and if that is the case there are a few options - 1) They will defeat The Beast where they are, or 2) they leave it and go back to the village.

Another possibility is that it is a trap in a trap. The Beast has pulled them further and further into an area where it not only has all the advantages but also reinforcements. Suddenly the Beast begins to roar and howl loudly, fiercely and long. And the roar is answered by many similar howls. All of them in the immediate vicinity all around the four brothers. Whether or not the characters should be allowed to run away, or if it is already too late and we need a final stand, is up to you. But who is on who’s side? Can the brothers even fight side by side any longer?

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