The Hunt NPCs

The Beast

The main characters are chasing a creature, a grim and ferocious monster who slaughtered one of the village cows. The loss could have been much worse but for a village on the brink of hunger, a cow means everything. Therefore this Beast must be found and killed. The village must ensure that this does not happen again.

What The Beast is, is not important. It’s large, it’s dangerous, it’s furry, it’s Chaos. It will do anything to survive, but also know that it is not immortal and four against one is not good odds. So it flees rather than stand and fight. Runs off to get on home ground. Runs off to get the upper hand.


Mädchen is the woman in both Fritz’ and Franz's life. She is something elevated. A goddess among men. A diamond in the rough. At least, this is how the twins see her. The truth is that she is just like anyone else with all the shortcomings and weaknesses associated with being human. But she is beautiful, wild and kissable. And she loves drama. The more someone can fight for her the better. And, if it does not happen automatically, she will help raise the drama on the way.


Papa is a proud man. He is their father. War hero. Veteran. Drunkard. Pessimist. Assailant. Papa's role and the main characters' views on him will change after each flashback. What starts as a proud warrior ends up as a broken man.

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