The hunt introduction

This is a story from The Hochland province. It is a story set in the large Hochland forests in search of one of Chaos' numerous beasts. Players are four brothers who start in great unity, but will likely end up the opposite. The tale is divided into four chapters, with related flashback between each scene about the time before the hunt. These flashbacks are supposed to give players a deeper understanding of their characters and bring that understanding with them in the ongoing story.

A central topic in the story, especially for Zigmund are the brothers' relationship to their father. At the beginning the father is a hero. Then he is a drunken swine. And finally he is turning brother against brother, under the suspicion of Chaos. And perhaps he is right. The reason he might be right is that the youngest of the four brothers, Heinrich, is drawn to the unknown. He is a latent magician, not yet familiar with the full extent of his powers. But fact is that strange things have a knack of happening around him. To demonstrate this the player playing Heinrich is presented with the following text:

When you come into a situation where your emotions are running high, then roll a die. The higher the number on the dice the more your feelings will be expressed through your surroundings, or by a physical manifestations on you. If you are happy flowers might grow around you, or if you're angry you can feel how the flames around your hands are on the brink of shooting from your hands at the slightest provocation, etc. Choose your own possible manifestation (perhaps in consultation with the game master), but remember that you are trying to keep this a secret.

Roll a low number and nothing happens.

This does not have to be a secret for the people playing the three other brothers. Just make sure that they understand that this is knowledge that their characters do not possess. Unregistered magic use is strictly forbidden and is dealt with in the strictest of manners. But the brothers suspect something. Heinrich in their eyes has always been a little ‘off’, but him being a full blown magician? Never.

This scenario was written with very little rule use in mind. There is a little use of the basic Warhammer stats (weapon skill, agility, strength etc.), and I have therefore equipped all characters with just that. They have no skills written down, since it is more or less unnecessary and with only drag the tempo out of the scenes. If you are completely unfamiliar with the Warhammer system, then have no fear. When ever they are asked to take a test, let them roll a dice. If it’s a low roll, they did well. If they get a high number something went awry. How well or how bad depends on the number rolled.

Other that I don’t have anything else to add other than have fun. Or at least as much fun as you can have hunting a creature of Chaos…

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