The Hunt Characters: Zigmund Bruder

Zigmund Bruder

Zigmund is the oldest of four brothers. He is also the strongest. And the best hunter. Not that he is a boaster in any way. More the opposite. But the fact is that he is the better man when it comes to the things that count. The reason for this is that Zigmund has always looked up to his father, and Papa was both the best hunter, and the rowdiest. So Zigmund would never dream of backing off from a fight. But he won’t start one either.

Indeed, Zigmund is probably more the quiet type, if he should say so himself. Others, including his brothers, will probably prefer to call him precocious and knowing to the brink of annoying. A true older brother who always knows best and is not afraid to put people in their place by flexing his muscles (if they will not listen to reason).

One thing that is really important for Zigmund is the assigning of blame. Not that he would ever blame anyone that hasn’t done anything, or would try to avoid blame, if he himself in fact was to blame. If he is to blame, he will tell you. But it is important that someone steps up to the plate and acknowledge guilt. So if anything goes wrong, he will put heaven and earth into motion to find out whose fault it was.

But Zigmund loves his brothers. The twins Franz and Fritz you can’t control even if you wanted too. And if any prank has been pulled in the village, you can be dead sure it is they who are behind it. They are alike like peas, and it does not help that they both are crazy about the same girl. It appears however that Fritz has become her boyfriend. Or is it Franz?

Heinrich is the youngest of the four brothers and has always been known as the 'fragile' one. Born prematurely and under considerable complications the birth of Heinrich killed your mother. And since Papa did not have time to play motherhen if there was to be bread on the table, it was up to Zigmund to take care of Heinrich. But Heinrich is… different. Whether this is because he was born prematurely, Zigmund does not know. But things sometimes happen around him. If he is happy, the sun always seem to shine. . Nah, that’s just nonsense.

Zigmund has a Longrifle, Gieseltraud. It is his price possession, especially since he got if from Papa. But with a rifle comes gun powder and bullets. Keep it safe. Keep it dry.

You will: Make your father proud.

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