The Hunt Characters: Heinrich Bruder

Heinrich Bruder

Heinrich is the youngest of four brothers. Because Heinrich was born prematurely during severe complications, he has always been something of a sob story. Equipped with a fragile health and bones that break just by looking at them, or when he tried to play with his older brothers, he was not the luckiest of children. Fortunately for Heinrich his health has improved over the last few years, but he is still very cautious. There is no reason to challenge fate. Moreover, there are things which are more exciting than climbing trees.

Heinrich is a latent magician. Something he has kept hidden for everyone, including his brothers. The price for having unauthorized magical abilities are, in nine out of ten cases, a one-way ticket to the stake. Getting into a school for people like him requires both connections and money, something Heinrich has neither of. So Heinrich keeps his skills hidden, but it is getting harder and harder. It is as if a dam inside him is about to collapse. He wakes up with his hands engulfed in blue flames; he can feel how the wind gets stronger every time he gets angry; and the simple fact that it usually rains when he is sad. Or is he sad because it rains? It is not always easy to control his emotions, and when they are not under control, that’s when the dam is weakest.

When you come into a situation where your emotions are running high, then roll a die. The higher the number on the dice the more your feelings will be expressed through your surroundings, or by a physical manifestations on you. If you are happy flowers might grow around you, or if you're angry you can feel how the flames around your hands are on the brink of shooting from your hands at the slightest provocation, etc. Choose your own possible manifestation (perhaps in consultation with the game master), but remember that you are trying to keep this a secret.

Roll a low number and nothing happens.

Heinrich fears many things. Magic is not one of them. It is simply forces that can be transformed into something extraordinary. For example, you are quite sure that these forces are the ones responsible for the sign on your arm. It is like a beautiful scar in a fine pattern. One day it was suddenly there. That is for your eyes only. One thing Heinrich is afraid of is water. Papa tried to teach him how to swim by throwing him into the lake when Heinrich was just 4 years old. That experience gave Heinrich a natural skepticism towards everything Papa said and did. As well as a severe fright of any water level that reaches above his navel.

However, Heinrich truly loves his older brother Zigmund, the eldest of the four brothers, and the only one who ever really took care of him. Even though Zigmund may be a know it all at times and is a little too precocious, he is still the one who has always been there for Heinrich, and for that Heinrich is forever grateful.

The twins Franz and Fritz one couldn’t control even if they wanted too. They are also your older brothers and have tried on countless occasions to get you in trouble. If any prank has been pulled in the village, you can be dead sure they are behind it. Furthermore they are like two peas in a pod, and it does not help that they both are crazy about the same girl. It appears however that Fritz has become her boyfriend. Or is it Franz?

You will: let yourself be fascinated by the unknown. You have an affinity with it that your brothers will never understand.

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