The Hunt Characters: Franz Bruder

Franz Bruder

Franz is the twin brother of Fritz. He is 2 minutes younger than Franz, a fact that always comes up as the last trump from Fritz in many conversations ("Well I am the oldest). Not that is helps shutting Franz up, since Franz is in an ever going, never-ending competition with his twin brother… about anything and everything. Who can eat the most, drink the most water in 10 seconds, spit furthest, jump longest or highest, hit hardest, shout loudest, and so on and so on. When it comes to Fritz, Franz has a very hard time keeping his mouth shut and always want to have the last say in any matter. Anything else will be considered as a defeat.

Franz is, when push comes to show, not really happy about all this rural atmosphere, talk about Chaos, dark woods, and the dangerous stuff that everyone know is out there, away from the security of the village. But Fritz’ girlfriend, Mädchen, is of a different opinion. She likes strong men, and since Franz also is crazy about the girl, he tries his best to appear as a ‘real man'. And preferably to get his brother to look like a wimp at the same time. Mädchen is as beautiful as a summer morning and wild as … as … something really wild and untamed. She has a look in the eye which can make even a blind man randy, and she knows it. Now the situation is such that Fritz and Franz are identical twins, and it is not easy to spot one from the other. Even for people who know them. This is something Franz uses to his advantage. If he can steal a kiss from an unsuspecting Mädchen, it has been a very good day.

Franz is actually a bit of a wimp. A chicken. But the circumstances (including most of all the brother Fritz and the girlfriend Mädchen) force him to prove his courage and boast and draw attention to himself time and time again.

But Franz also got two other brothers.

Zigmund is the oldest, precocious and knowing to the point of being annoying. A true older brother who always knows best and is not afraid to put people in their place by flexing his muscles, and it must be said that he is quite buff. Fritz and Franz have been told that they must obey Zigmund, but it is just so much more fun to tease the matter-of-fact bore.

Heinrich is the youngest of the four brothers and a little strange but other than that okay. It can not be counted on two hands how many times Fritz and Franz have gotten in trouble because they wanted to incorporate Heinrich into their wild games. Heinrich is ‘fragile’ so they have to look out for him. No wild games for Heinrich. Luckily Heinrich is now older and less fragile. But now he is just strange. He often keeps to himself. And he doesn’t not even look at girls. He just mutters something about the forces of nature or something. Bah.

You will: Every time you brother acts like a wimp, you call him on it. Especially if there is anyone nearby.

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