The Hunt

The Hunt

This page is the translation project page of Jagten by René Toft.

Project Chief: René Toft (contact me to help with this translation)

Collaborators: Emily Care Boss

License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY).

How we work

Translation and grammar checking took place in the wiki pages listed below.

Project notes

This was the working page for my translation of my entry to Imperiet (now 'The Empire'), originally called 'Jagten', now dubbed 'The Hunt'.

It is a short scenario for 4 players and a game master, about four brothers' hunt for a dark creature of Chaos, a father's recognition, a woman's love, and a force unknown.

Translation completed and edited. Thanks a bundle Emily.

All done. Enjoy.

Download the complete translation in a temporary PDF version here.

The original text: Jagten
The Complete Translation on wiki The Hunt (eng. edited)

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