The Warhammer

This page is the translation project page of Krigshammeren by Lars Nøhr Andresen.

Project Chief: Olle Jonsson. (contact me to help with this translation)

Collaborators: Emily Boss.

License: No info on license yet.

How we work

This project uses Google Docs to collaborate. Translation is finished

We used a Google Docs document, ask to be invited.

Status: The scenario is now translated, a language check is finished. The next step is re-layout.

Project notes


Should Altdorf be defended, or do you want to save yourself? Doubt never entered the heroes' minds. They are ready to sacrifice themselves in the struggle against Chaos. Sadly, the choice is not up to them, but four poor thief boys, who have stolen Sigmar's Hammer.

Imagine you have played a Warhammer campaign for eight years. You started out as a Wizard's Apprentice, and over the years you have become one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Empire. Your friends have gone from being Farmers to being Bodyguards, Free Lances, Knights, and at last, Witchhunters. Through the last six years you have been hunting the Chaos cult Ordo Octo (The Eighth Order - Khorne's holy number is 8), and the last two years you have known that the Ordo Octo is part of a larger conspiracy, aimed at spreading Chaos all over the Empire. A conspiracy, the slippery tentacles of which run deep into the powerful circles in the Empire. Imagine to have had the last eight years lead up to this evening, when you are to strike the final blow to the cult, to once and for all crush their plans about setting free the Chaos god Khorne in the middle of Altdorf. With Sigmar's Hammer itself - the greatest artifact of all - you will beat the Khorne avatar to death and stop its ungodly ritual from being performed… and Sigmar strike me down, a handful of thieving rascals nick the hammer three hours before the ritual has started.

This scenario is not about the heroes. This scenario is about four unlucky thieves, and their wildest night ever.

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