I Skoven Forandres Alle

The woods changes everyone

This page is the translation project page of I skoven forandres alle by Morten Greis.

Project Chief: Morten Greis (contact me to help with this translation)

Collaborators: Elias Helfer

License: Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA.

How we work

Here is the base text in Google Docs, that needs to be translated: I skoven forandres alle

Send me message, if you want to participate in the translation of the text.

Project notes

This is the page for my contribution to the Empire for the region Ostland: I skoven forandres alle, or as the working title is at the present: "The woods change everyone". I am not entirely satisfied with my English title, and suggestions are welcome.

There are some minor tweaks, that needs to be done. At present the game lasts considerably longer than two hours. My plan is to tweak the quests into the forest, so there is a basic two hour version, and so there is a longer whole-evening option.

As for illustrations I have none, suggestions will be most welcome.

— Apollo suggests the title: The Forest Changes All

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