En Sommernats Fortaelling

A Midsummer Night's Story

This page is the translation project page of En Sommernats Fortaelling by Martin Svendsen.

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Collaborators: Martin Svendsen (final approval). Remi Treuer. Emily Boss.

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The old Moot Ranger, Kornelius Talker (usually just called Talker), sits by the fire with four young rangers. They ask him to tell a story, and a story they will get. Talker will tell the story of the most mysterious murder riddle he ever encountered.

Talker's story takes place years ago, when a feast were to be held in Mootland. A midsummer night's feast called Brügger's Feast. At this feast, the young Miss Mirriam would choose her groom to be from three admirers:

• The reputable master brewer and councilman's son, Jarn
• The seductive and influential king of fools, Thalias
• The youthful and widely travelled adventurer, Maximilliam

Prior to the feast, the four main characters prepared by making plans for the feast together with their nearest (played as extras by the players). Plans for achieving their goals in the best possible way.

Mirriam prepared with her mother, her sister and a town priestess. Jarn discussed with his prospective father-in-law, his banker and the town's alderman. Thalias laid out plans with the old king of fools, the court jester and a fortune teller. Maximilliam met with his fellow adventurers: the old mercenary, the graverobber and the professor.

Their plans would unfold during that evening's feast. After the feast, one of the participants was found murdered. Talker asks the four young rangers who they think was murdered, and not least: Who committed the crime?

Synopsis and background

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