The Butterforger

The Butterforger

This page is the translation project page of Smørfalskneren by Olle Jonsson.

Project Chief: Olle Jonsson moc.liamg|nossnoj.ello#moc.liamg|nossnoj.ello (contact me to help with this translation)

Collaborators: Jason Morningstar. Emily Care Boss. René Toft.

License: Creative Commons 3.0 BY.

How we work

Finished! Translation and proof-reading was done in a Google Docs document. I added collaborators with edit privileges, so they could read it through. They just went to that link, and there was a button they could use to ask for privileges.

I asked the translator helpers to use the Insert/Comment… facility to add comments. That was useful. Also useful was the background color marker.

Project notes

The translation of this scenario is now finished. If you find a bug, a typo, or a piece of grammar that grates on your ears, speak up, and I might agree and fix it.

The next step is to typeset it somehow, make it more readable.

Email moc.liamg|nossnoj.ello#moc.liamg|nossnoj.ello if you want to add play-testing or proof-reading details, or any other feedback. Also, contact me to say "this never entered play when we ran it".

Butterforger in English fulltext. This document which will change as edits come in.

Early Danish text (RTF) kept linked for historical reasons. When I have a published English PDF, I'll put it there, too.

Shortest intro

Fast-paced storytelling comedy action in pseudo-German medieval court-room drama. 90 minutes of play.

Play notes

The lawyer flashback scenes were never used, turns out that they were NOT central to the story, or the running of this game. They are now cut from the English-language game.

A technique that was used was GM Quizzing the Players "What does the room look like now?", which led them to create new and wonderful descriptions of how the court-room worked. This is in the game.

The GM now has a special storytelling task added, as well.


There were no illustrations in the Danish-language version, so no legal problems there.


Next step: layouting the scenario. Any hints? Any takers?

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