Our Process

Making a translation takes time, and it could be useful to lay out the specific steps needed to be all done.

Process of finishing

(incomplete) list of steps for a scenario to actually be released anew in a new language.

  • get original raw text
  • get permission from authors and image owners, and set terms of distribution
  • make translation
    • consider any differences in culture and/or style that should be addressed, e.g. through a preface to the English edition (This struck me as surprisingly important after reading the British and Italian scenarios at this year's Fastaval; they contained very few instructions for the GM but it was quite apparent that the authors assumed the GM would run the game in a style that differs from what we're used to in Denmark. We have got to explain ourselves a bit - Kristoffer Apollo)
    • ask for feedback on any particularly difficult terminology - or consult texts from the already translated scenarios. Ideally, we may be able to establish a common glossary for the most common terms relating to nordic scenarios. Perhaps A page on this wiki - perhaps a spreadsheet on google docs? - Tobias Bindslet
  • get translation feedback from co-translators, your proof-reader, and your author
  • get the layouter to relayout an English version
  • publish

For authors of scenarios

  • do any last-minute updates (mistakes you wanted to remove before translating; please don't tarry too long with this)
  • find people that want to translate with you
  • have the design files handy for when the text is ready
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