A Midsummer Night's Story: Mirriam


Mirriam is the daughter of Jens and Gudrun. They also have a daughter named Janni, who is a year younger than Mirriam.
note: Janni’s character description states that she’s an afterthought – but here she’s only a year younger?
Her father, Jens, is a distinguished and wealthy halfling of the town. Mirriam is the oldest daughter and about ready for marriage. It has always been the tradition that young maidens choose their fiancés at the traditional Brügger’s Feast, and so it will be for Mirriam as well. The rumor has spread, and three suitable candidates have shown. Her father owns the apple grove in which the feast is held, and the grove will be part of Mirriam’s dowery. Besides the apple grove, her father owns a number of plantations and fields.

Mirriam is young, beautiful and innocent. A not unknown but usually somewhat fateful combination. Particularly because her innocence does not derive from rejection of sin, but more from lack of temptation. It would surprise me if young Mirriam does not yearn for a bit of sin in her most private thoughts. That is not to say that she would go for any chance, but she has a huge appetite for life.

More than anything, she is driven by a voracious appetite … for life. Curiosity is not the proper word for it, because the good things in life can readily be repeated again and again. Her appetite is not demanding or unreasonable but it guides her to choose the course that potentially holds the highest number of nice, good, fun, fantastic and not least enriching experiences.

Mirriam wants to have an experience and the possibility to experience even more. During the feast, she must choose her groom to be, and she has set her criteria: He must be a man of possibilities, one who makes life magic. But it is not a problem if he is charming and rich as well.

Mirriam is daddy’s girl and more or less wraps him around her little finger. Her mother is another story, she is stricter and good at seeing through Mirriam’s tricks. Mirriam’s sister Janni is a little tart who always wants to get her hands on anything Mirriam has. They can be friends, as they are quite similar in temper, but they are always competing for everything.

What Mirriam thinks of her three suitors:
Jarn is the master brewer and tends to the apple grove. He is a bit nerdy but also has a mysterious quality that Mirriam likes. Jarn is her parents’ preferred candidate which places him at the bottom of Mirriam’s list.

Thalias, the king of fools. Now he is exciting, and a king as well. The troupe of fools has a high reputation in the Moot, not least their king. Her father likes him, which is cause for doubt to Mirriam. She just wants to be certain that she can have him for herself.

Maximilliam the young adventurer is handsome and somewhat dangerous-looking. He has travelled all over the world and seen some sights. He is definitely Mirriam’s first choice at the moment, but that could quickly change. Besides, her mother is averse to Maximilliam, so it might be difficult to get him approved.

You will also play these characters:

Hieronimus, the banker
Scrupulous, stingy and petty.

Hieronimus is employed by Jarn’s father and knows most people in town. He is quite well thought of, if you ask him.

Hieronimus is Jarn’s banker. As Jarn is to inherit his father’s considerable property (and Jarn does not know the next thing about money), Hieronimus is here to assure that everything proceeds correctly. But Hieronimus does not think that Jarn deserves his inheritance. And he certainly thinks that he himself earns way too little for everything he does for the family. But he plays the game. So far. However, Hieronimus does plan to win the hand of Janni (Mirriam’s sister) and that way come on good terms with Jens (their father).

Timion, the graverobber
Dirty, naive and a bit disturbed.

Timion travels with Maximilliam, Jarec the professor and Magnus the mercenary.

Timion is a halfling who have travelled with Maximilliam for a long time. He is a graverobber because he is good at it, and because he has an unseemly fascination with graves, the dead and such things (which he knows is not something to advertise, but it shines through from time to time anyway). He likes food and gold and praise … and dead things. He does not feel entirely welcome in the Moot but would like to be so.

Brunhilde, the fortune teller
Mysterious, dramatic and spiritual.

Brunhilde travels with Thalias, the king of fools, and Ragnvald, the retired king of fools.

The fortune teller is the troupe’s soothsayer and maternal figure. She gazes in a crystal bowl, reads cards and bones, and works hard to stage her prophecies with conviction. She believes in the spirits and knows that you have to keep them happy, and things balanced. She knows no magic as such but has a strong intuition, and sometimes the spirits talk to her. Particularly when she burns a lot of incense. In one of her visions, she saw that Thalias can become the greatest king of fools ever, and she believes the apple grove has something to do with that.

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