A Midsummer Night's Story: Maximilliam


Five years ago, Maximilliam left the Moot to see the world. He became an adventurer and joined forces with Jarec the professor, Magnus the mercenary and Timion the graverobber (another halfling). Maximilliam is the group’s scout, and in the last couple of years, they have rummaged about the Empire, searching for cultural treasures and other interesting stuff. They have had some success, and Maximilliam has acquired a couple of magic rings as well as a nice amount of gold pieces. Enough to be able to live comfortably in the Moot for the rest of his life.

In many ways, Maximilliam is an ordinary halfling. He likes food, is somewhat easy-going, friendly and extrovert. But in just as many ways, he is anything but ordinary. He is callous, calculating and has learned not to believe everything he hears. He is a young, handsome halfling with curly brown hair, mighty whiskers and an air of heroism about him.

More than anything, he is driven by his curiosity to know what is on the other side. Be that on the other side of the fence, the door, the border or the sea. He has travelled far and wide and seen many a sight, including what evil and chaos are capable of. This is another trait that will make him different in some eyes.

Maximilliam has returned to win Mirriam’s hand. Not that he is in love with her as such, he hardly knows her, but because there is something special to gain besides her hand. By marrying Mirriam, he will take over the family estate, including the old apple grove in which the Brügger’s Feast is held. That is just what Maximilliam is looking for for his retirement (not that he plans to retire just now … maybe later). An additional prize is that, according to Jarec, the grove is an old religious or sacred grove. It might hold treasures …

Maximilliam does not know anyone but his three companions.

He and Timion are pretty good friends, since they are both curious, fond of food and of course halflings. But Maximilliam knows well that something dark lurks inside Timion.

Maximilliam likes Magnus because he always tells tall tales and is full of advice about this and that. And Magnus is a better fighter than most humans Maximilliam have known.

Jarec, the group’s scholar, was a professor in Altdorf but apparently chose to quit his position and leave the city in a hurry. He is a very clever but also somewhat mysterious human.

You will also play these characters:

Ragnvald, the old king of fools
Cryptic, cunning and intelligent.

Travels with the present king of fools, Thalias, Brunhilde the fortune teller and Pus the court jester.

The retired king of fools is now an advisor to Thalias, the king of fools. He is an old horse and knows all the tricks. He sees through the veils and tries to find the way that is best for their cause. Namely the survival of the fools. He has high regard for Brunhilde’s prophecies and Pus’ advice but knows that both should be taken with a bit of skepticism.

Janni, the sister
Superficial, girlish and greedy.

Lives with her sister Mirriam, her mother Gudrun and her father Jens.

Mirriam’s sister is an afterthought, making her spoilt, envious and cunning. Luckily, she is not that smart. But she is quite a beauty, like her sister. She loves glitter, precious items and money. She thinks that it is she who ought to be worshipped by the three admirers. She competes with Mirriam in every possible way, and she knows nothing better than stealing things from Mirriam.

The town’s alderman, known as Oldenough
Eccentric, shrivelled and wise.

Is the town’s alderman and knows everybody sort of peripherally.

He is not especially clever but very, very wise. Even if the words from his mouth do not always make sense, there is an almost prophetic wisdom in his many comparisons to food. He tries to find the best solution for the old apple grove, as he knows there is a strong connection between the well-being of the apple grove and the well-being of the town. He knows that fairies, pixies and the highly mischievous brook spirits run about in the grove, watching over it. You have to be on good terms with those. Otherwise, there will be trouble. He knows that a good deal of people have gone missing in the grove throughout the ages.

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