A Midsummer Night's Story: Jarn


Jarn is the area’s brewer, and he brews the apple cider. He is the son of a councilman, but not interested in money and politics. As a consequence, Jarn’s father has employed Hieronimus the banker to help Jarn. Jarn appreciates that, since Hieronimus is very capable and handles all those things Jarn does not understand. Jarn often seeks advice from Oldenough the alderman who is the town’s oldest halfling. Jarn is employed by Mirriam’s father, Jens, and loves his job. He has lived in the Moot all his life.

Jarn is actually an ordinary halfling. He likes food, is somewhat easy-going, friendly and extrovert. In addition, he is a truly unconcerned character, bordering on the very naive. He is curious and funny and likes to play and be inventive. And he is blessed with a talent for brewing unlike any seen in modern times. He makes the apple cider that will be served at the feast, using the apples from the apple grove owned by Mirriam’s father, which will be part of her dowery.

More than anything, he is driven by desire. Desire for pleasure, for experiences, for being in nature and for making cider and wine. Jarn feels an almost unearthly happiness when he walks among the trees in the grove, and it seems like they whisper to him, telling him their secrets. He is looking for someone to share these experiences and hopes that he one day can take over the grove and become a legendary master brewer.

At the feast, Jarn will try to win Mirriam’s hand. Because she is sweet and beautiful, and because the apple grove is part of her dowery. He feels an inexplicable attachment to the grove and cannot imagine not being able to walk in the grove and make apple cider.

Jarn is friends with Jens (Mirriam’s father), Hieronimus and Oldenough. He knows most of the other people in town. He feels insecure about Mirriam’s mother, mostly due to the strict looks she gives him. He does not know Maximilliam and knows very little about Thalias the king of fools. He does know that Thalias is a famous king of fools.

You will also play these characters:

Magnus, the mercenary
Tired, ragged and tough.

Magnus has seen a lot of things in his life. He is human and leads a group of adventurers, consisting of Maximilliam, Timion the graverobber (another halfling) and the human professor Jarec. They have travelled together for a long time. Magnus is a ragged, brawny and very experienced warrior who is a cynic and pessimist through and through, but still has secret dreams of being a hero. He feels like a father to Maximilliam. He always tells stories about old times and is full of “good” advice on everything from women to rotten feet.

Pus, the court jester
Deformed, sarcastic and intelligent.

Pus is Thalias’ court jester, and he travels with Thalias the king of fools, Ragnvald the old king of fools and Brunhilde the fortune teller. He is the clown who smiles and tells the truth others do not want to face. But Pus is not a happy man. If he was not deformed and repulsive, he would be a king of fools. If he was not so repulsive, he could win the beautiful, sweet and amazing Janni (Mirriam’s sister). She is his light, his dream, his love. He dreams of sunrises and long nights by the fire with Janni at his side …

Tilda, the priestess
Thoughtful, maternal and protective.

Tilda is a priestess of Esmeralda and a protector of everything that is important to halflings. She is here to offer advice to Mirriam, and to make sure the upcoming engagement works out well. She knows that the apple grove is more than just a grove. It is the soul of the area, the heart of nature, and the life nerve of the halflings. She has a notion that only the chosen one may marry Mirriam and get the apple grove. And it is an old halfling tradition that she, together with Mirriam, must come up with some trials for the three admirers. They will help determine who the chosen one is.

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